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  • Where to start?

    Hey everbody. I am a new manager: I would really appreciate some tips and hints. Where do I start my journey to the top? What should be my main focus?

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    Hi and sorry for late answer, but i guess this board is dead anyway?

    To get to the top, you gonna need money
    beginner tips:
    - fire your starter players, they are old and useless
    - play a friendly every day, away for max money
    - 'Training' full every day, unless you play in OFM-Cup none will get injured (10x Speed for players age <27)
    - dont use striker(s) vs strong teams, as they only gonna lose EP
    - buy players, get them EP and TP, lvl up and sell (UP are the harmonic mean of EP&TP)

    If anybody is reading this, ask again later (more detailed)
    and sorry, i'm not native english speaker


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      i'm too old for this
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